Financial Security

Well, let me start by saying that the secret to financial security is not really a secret. But it does seem like there is a secret to financial security. The secret to financial security is to spend less than you make. It is simple and an important truth to financial security.

The secret to spending less than we make is to adopt a responsible lifestyle. By a financially responsible lifestyle, by that I mean thinking responsibly towards your spending decisions. These decisions could be buying a new car, a house, or smaller expenses like buying clothes. Only buy items you can afford. If you are spending beyond your means, then you are only putting pressure on your finances. If you are spending more than you earn then you are either using up your savings or taking on debt to maintain your lifestyle and neither are good. Don’t get burden with worrying about insignificant expenses. You are not going to achieve financial security by saving a dollar on coffee. The way we spend our money comes down to our choices and we can control our money by controlling our choices.

Learn to manage your money. Think of money as a tool to achieving your financial goals. To be financially secure you don’t need to be rich, you just have to manage your income for your lifestyle.

Trying to achieve financial security without a budget is a pointless endeavor as it will always be beyond your reach. How can you ever achieve financial security if you don’t know how you are spending your money? Knowing that you need to spend less than you make is an important first step but that first step has to be followed by a second step and that second step is a budget.

Start as soon as you can, budget now if you haven’t already done so. Budgeting is the key to achieving financial security and it must be the foundation of your financial planning.

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