Nettalk is a VOIP service that allows you to make phone calls just like any traditional landline, the only difference is that it’s over the internet. You may be skeptical about VOIP service, I was too at first, but I have been using Nettalk for about three years now and I haven’t looked back.

The best part is that it costs only CDN $49.95 per year and includes services like call waiting, conference calling, caller id, and more than you would have to pay extra with a traditional landline. Also, it has unlimited Canada wide calling plus unlimited USA calls.

For the three years that I have been using it, I have had limited issues. For the times I did have issues Nettalk extended my subscription by a month or so for free. Also, you will occasionally get offers for annual subscription renewals at a discount.

Without going into too much detail on the installation side of the device I will just say that it is extremely easy to set up. Their website provides clear instructions on installation so there shouldn’t be much concern there.

It works just like a traditional landline phone; you use a corded or cordless phone that plugs into the Nettalk device. The device itself is connected to your internet router, again Nettalk website provides clear instructions on how it all works. Internet phone sounds like it will be very different from a traditional phone but nothing could be further from the truth.

Now the other concern that some people have is the sound quality. The issue here is that it will all depend on the quality of your internet service, after all, it does rely on the internet to make and receive phone calls. However, considering that with the high-speed internet it should not be a problem. I have high-speed internet and the sound quality is excellent with no static or calls drop.

If you have family living in a different part of the world you can send them a Nettalk device and now they have a Canadian telephone number. They simply plug it in and you can start making calls as if calling a local number.

There is also a mobile app but to be honest I have not used it so no comment there. Maybe I will give it a try and provide an update at a later date.

I think Nettalk is worth a try as with an annual cost of $49.95 there is not much to lose considering the outrageous cost of a traditional landline. Best of all when you buy the device the first year of service is included. If you already have a number then Nettalk allows you to port that number over. If you are considering making the switch then you can buy the device from Staples.

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