Dollar stores are stocked with all sorts of stuff but because it’s in a dollar store most people think it is just junk. That is absolutely not true. Dollar stores can offer some interesting deals that you may not have realized. If you are not shopping at a dollar store, you may be losing out on some serious savings. Gone are the days of dollar stores with few cheap quality products. Dollar stores these days are packing a number of products that are not necessarily cheap quality.

Here is a list of products that you should consider buying from a dollar store.

Party Supplies: Party supplies usually consist of paper plates, napkins, plastic utensils, tablecloths, and balloons are some of the things you can get from a dollar store at a much cheaper price.

Wrapping Paper: Dollar stores are the ideal place to buy wrapping paper. The wrapping paper you buy from the dollar store will be the same you get from other stores but at a lower price. This is where the quality is usually of no major concern, so it’s better to save on this item.

Candies: A lot of brand candies are available at the dollar store. Stock up on candy if you are looking for some for an occasion like a birthday or Halloween. There is also other no brand candy available which may not be ideal for consumption so stick to the candy you know.

Tools: Dollar stores do usually carry tools. Don’t expect any high-end tools you find from a large retailer but you can get a decent screwdriver or a hammer that will get the job done. If you are just doing small jobs around the house, then dollar store tools should get the job done with costing your wallet.

Kitchen Supplies: I have found dollar stores to be carrying an increasing variety of kitchen supplies. You can easily find spatulas, cups, bowls, plates, food storage containers, and utensils. They are good enough for everyday use and don’t look cheap. Have a look at the dollar store for your kitchen supplies before heading to a large retailer, you may be surprised at the products sold at the dollar store.

Bath Products: You can get everything you need from toothpaste to shampoos at the dollar store. Just don’t expect any brand names, you will not find them at the dollar store. As long as you don’t care about brand names you can save quite a lot onĀ items like bath products.

School Supplies: Dollar stores carry all sorts of school supplies like pencils, sharpeners, binders, crayons, and most of the products your kid needs for school.

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