I have always been an advocate of finding savings that matter. Usually saving on small items are of little concern to me as these are usually one-off savings. That is because these small savings are not sustainable over the long-term. We find small savings on items such as cutting back on coffee or snacks, the danger here is that there is a tendency to fall back into old habits.

But the truth is that there is always a way to find some extra savings from our daily routine. I mentioned coffee earlier, skipping on coffee may not seem much consider that it does not cost a fortune to buy a cup. However, consider that if a cup of coffee costs two dollars, then saving two dollars five days a week leads to savings of ten dollars over a week and around forty dollars in a month. That is substantial savings.

If you are finding it difficult to find big savings in your budget, then start small. Saving something is better than saving nothing. Here is a brief list of items that can unlock small savings:

7 Money Saving Tips

1. Eat in instead of going out. Start cooking at home and take leftovers for lunch to work. You will eat healthy and save in the process. Taking lunch to work can be a huge saver.

2. Consider purchasing generic brands at your grocery store. Generic brands are a lot cheaper and you may not notice the difference. It’s worth a try.

3. Start saving your change. We all hate carrying around loose change. At the end of the day put all loose change in a jar and watch it grow. You will be surprised how much you save by the end of the month.

4. Try to dedicate one weekend a month as non-spend weekend. Stay in or go to the park. Just by not spending anything one weekend a month you can save a significant amount.

5. Take advantage of rewards programs. An example of this is the President’s Choice or Shopper’s Optimum points program. If your grocery store offers points, then there is no harm in collecting these points as you are going to shop anyway so might as well earn points. Add up the points all year long and redeem them when you are shopping for Christmas or New Year party.

6. Cut back on alcohol and smoking. If you enjoy any of these activities, then it might be time to cut back or quit altogether. These can be expensive habits and are not so great for your health.

7. Buy in bulk. Buying items such as toilet paper, shampoo, laundry detergent and so on in bulk can noticeably cut down your expenses. Just be aware of buying only items that you use regularly. Buying items you don’t use in bulk defeats the purpose of bulk buying.

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