We live in a fast-paced world that is constantly changing and forcing its ever-increasing demands for our time. Have you ever taken a step back to look at your daily schedule? We go to work, attend meetings all day, work non-stop to meet our deadlines and then come home to start a whole separate set of duties. This means that from the moment your open your eyes until the moment you lie down on your bed you are constantly racing to complete one task after another. Time management has to be a crucial aspect of our lives. Think of time management as a budgeting exercise where instead of budgeting money your are budgeting your time.

This constant demand on our time means that rare moment when you have nothing to do can cause you anxiety, filled with feeling that you are forgetting something or you are wasting your time. But there is something to be said for those rare moments when you have nothing to do. This is the time when you can reflect on all that has happened during the day or the week and use this time to just unwind and let your mind wander.

If you find time to do nothing, then take the opportunity to do nothing. We have been programmed into believing that every waking moment of your day must be allocated to certain tasks. But this kills creativity and productivity. I have often been surprised by the outcomes of my doing nothing time. I have found myself suddenly solving a problem that has been bothering me all week. This happens because you have allowed your mind to process information rather than accumulate it.

A lot of people talk about ways they unwind, it can be listening to music, having a chat, using your phone, or watching TV. While these activities can be beneficial and help, you relax, these still don’t afford you the time to just stop and be with your own thoughts, for that to happen you need solitude.

I commute to work every day on a train, I would often use this time to read the news or catch up on Facebook or Twitter on my phone. While this was relaxing, it still meant I was accumulating new information. Recently, I have decided to do nothing on my train ride to and from work and this has changed the way I look at my daily commute. It is no longer a dreaded part of my day that I just must put up with. I now look forward to my alone time, time that allows me to be with my own thoughts staring out the window. As a result, I find myself more refreshed and less stressed. The next time you find time to do nothing, give it a try and do nothing.


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