5 Household Budgeting Mistakes to Avoid

Building a household budget is much like laying a foundation of your financial plan. You have to make sure that the foundation is strong and well planned. With some common mistakes, your household can quickly fall apart and this can have a cascading effect on your...

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Cut the Cord

Last year I finally took the leap and cut the cord. I can say I am now happily cable free. Obviously, the main reason I cut the cord was due to the insane monthly cable charges that seem to be on an upward trend. The fact that monthly cable charges are increasing year...

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Nettalk Internet Phone

Nettalk is a VOIP service that allows you to make phone calls just like any traditional landline, the only difference is that it’s over the internet. You may be skeptical about VOIP service, I was too at first, but I have been using Nettalk for about three years now...

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Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

This is a situation that surprisingly large number of people find themselves in, a situation where we live paycheck to paycheck. By living paycheck to paycheck I mean barely paying the bare necessities every month like rent and bills. Those who are in this situation...

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5 Signs your Debt is Out of Control

Most of us carry some sort of debt at any given time. Debt lets us spend beyond our means, it lets us buy things that we otherwise not afford. It allows us to buy houses and cars, but as you may have heard there is no such thing as a free lunch and that applies to...

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7 Money Saving Tips

Here is a list of some money saving tips that we think are worth a look. Set-up automatic savings: Saving through automatic savings is an easy and convenient way to save. To set-up automatic savings, instruct your bank to take a certain percentage directly from your...

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