cut the cord

Cut the Cord

We have gotten so used to cable tv that it seems impossible to live without it. But with increasing costs and plethora of other options at our disposal cable tv seems an outdated mode of entertainment.  Last year I finally took the leap and cut the cord. I can say I am now happily cable free. Obviously, the main reason I cut the cord was due to the insane monthly cable charges that seem to be on an upward trend. The fact that monthly cable charges are increasingly year after year is surprising considering that there is a clear trend that more and more subscribers are ditching cable.

There are two main factors that come into play for those who choose to cut the cord, first the cost and the second is the increasing choice of online streaming services. With online streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Crave TV, Crackle, and so on, there is enough quality choice available that the decision is becoming increasingly easy to cut the cord.

I was paying well over $100 per month for cable alone for a basic package, internet extra on top of it. Then came the promise of skinny packages, the promise to lower our cable bills by picking only the channels we want. I don’t think I need to go into too much detail on the disappointing outcome of this option.

Other Viewing Options

I never watched anything on cable, the only reason I had it was for a single channel for my daughter. Paying over $100 per month to watch one channel is outrageous but those with kids will understand why I kept the cable. However, Netflix changed all that with so much content for kids. For me, all I need is available on Netflix, with the convenience to watch when I want to watch with no commercials.

Netflix fulfills all the viewing needs of my daughter and she didn’t even notice that we had gotten rid of cable. Disney+ is another great option with Marvels movies on top of other Disney movies this is a must streaming service for families for kids. Another added benefit is that with online streaming services there is something to watch for every family member. I am now saving over $1200 per year just by cutting the cord.

The only factor to consider is the internet usage charges if you are going to switch over to online streaming only. However, with an unlimited usage plan you can stream to your hearts content. 

Smart TV’s

Every household these day’s has a smart TV making even easier to ditch the cable. Just install the app for the streaming service you are using and instantly start streaming. Anything a cable box is able to do, smart TV’s can do better. Considering that you can install app’s on your smart TV the options are endless.

Let’s not forget the fact how easy it has become to connect other devices to our TV’s. Not too long ago we needed cables to connect our PC’s/laptops to TV’s. This is no longer the case with wireless connectivity. Smart TV’s can now connect wirelessly with our smartphones and PC’s making it even easier to stream content directly to our TV’s. This begs the question, do we really need cable? With so many options with arguably better content and at a lower cost it is becoming increasingly difficult to make a case for cable tv especially in Canada where the costs are higher compared to most countries.


If you are looking for a way to squeeze out some extra savings from your budget, then this is an area that you must consider. For me saving $1200 plus a year without making life changing decisions breathes new life in my budget.

Take a look at your viewing habits and ask yourself if you really need cable and weigh in the cost of keeping it.

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