which grocery stores price match in canada

Price matching is a very popular practice among consumers. It allows you to get a better deal on your regular grocery shopping trips by simply asking the cashier at your favorite store if they will match the price of an item you see in another shop. You can typically find grocery stores that price match but which ones don’t?

When it comes to groceries, Canadians are pretty savvy shoppers. The majority of us know that most major chains charge ridiculous markups on name-brand products, so we take extra care when we go for grocery shopping. But what about your normal grocery stores? Do they price match? In this article, we’ll explain all you need to know how to price match in Canada, which retailers have adopted it as part of their business model.

How Does Price Matching Work?

If you find an item in let’s say Freshco flyer on sale, you could walk into a Loblaw’s store and price match the exact same item. This means that Loblaw’s will match the price on the Freshco’s flyer. If you see a deal on an item you’re interested in buying, you can ask your grocery store if they’ll match the price. As the customer, you can use the price matching feature anytime you shop at a grocery store that offers it.

Most stores will have a price matching sign or placard in their store so you can be sure they’re price matching, if they don’t, just ask. In order to price match, you have to have the flyer (print or digital) with the item you want to price match. Just keep in mind that in order to price match the item has to be exactly the same.

You won’t be able to price match if you like online shopping, for price matching you will have visit the store.

What Stores Offer Price Matching?

Which grocery stores price match in Canada? We’ve gone ahead and created a list of Canada’s top grocery chains that price match, so you can see which stores are taking advantage of this practice in your area. However, if your grocery store isn’t on the list, don’t worry — ask the store if they price match. Check out the list below to find which grocery stores price match in Canada.

Does Loblaw’s Price Match?

Yes, Loblaw’s will price match and so will it’s other companies such as The Real Canadian Superstore, Extra Foods, Shopper’s Drug Mart, Maxi, and No Frills.

Does Food Basics Price Match?

No, Food Basics does not price match. While Food Basics does not price match, they do issue flyer’s every week with hundred’s of deals, so it’s worth checking.

Does Freshco Price Match?

Yes, Freshco offers price match. Freshco Price Match Policy states that they will sell the same item for 1 cent lower than the competitor’s advertised price.

Does Zehrs Price Match?

No, Zehrs does not price match. But they do have great deals every week advertised on their flyers.

Does Walmart Price Match?

As of October 15th, 2020, Walmart discontinued it’s price match policy.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, there many different store across Canada that offer price matching. If you don’t see a store on the list, I would suggest inquiring with the store if they price match.

Is It Worth Using?

Now that you know which stores price match in Canada, do you know if it’s actually worth using? If you like saving money whenever you get a chance, then price matching is a great way to cut your grocery bill. Price matching a single item or couple of items may not lead to significant savings, but price matching is not about huge savings, it’s about getting the best deal possible. This way, you can decide for yourself if it’s worth the hassle.

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